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5 Of The Best Work Boots For Wide Feet

Theres nothing quite so unpleasant as having your toes squeezed in a vise grip of a shoe. It can just turn a whole work day into unbearable. Worse still are the sides of your boot busting out after no time at all. With my years of working with boots and talking to those who need work and industrial footwear  I have compiled a starting list of a few boots I recommend for those with very wide feet. They are in no particular order. 

It can be difficult to find shoes that fit just right when you have wide feet. I decided to put together this list of specific boots and brands I've found to be best for wide feet. 


1. Keen

Keen is a great brand. Keen has a large selection of hiker shoes and boots in both steel and soft toe. What sets them apart from others in the boot world is that the toes are asymmetrical and oblique. The asymmetrical means each safety toe cap is shaped for your right and left foot. And they are oblique in shape. Oblique means that the big toe area is bigger than the little toe area. Just like your foot is shaped. Most other brands of steel toe boots have a round shape cap they use for both shoes.

  • So what does this mean for the fit of the boot?

The asymmetrical shape makes these boots surprisingly wide and roomy for your toes. This can be especially nice if you need safety toe boots. Instead of having a round shaped steel toe cap, the toe box is actually made to fit the shape of your foot. 

  • The Boot Guy Recommends:  the Keen American Made Troy (1025696). A hiker style boot with a waterproof membrane. This boot is great for lots of walking.
  • KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX: Built-in flex that makes every step feel easier, bending where other boots crack and weaken over time.
  • Carbon fiber safety toe, lighter weight and roomier than steel toe with the same strong protection
  • Keens also have good arch support with their comfortable footbeds
  • The sole has excellent tread for gripping


2. Timberland PRO 

The Boot Guy Recommends: The Timberland Boondock is a style of boots from the Timberland PRO brand. This style of boot is made extra wide to give your toes wiggle room. This is one of the first boots I suggest for people who have really wide feet.  The toe box is also very high which is great for those who have hammer toe or a similar problem with their boots being tight on top of their toes.

Boondock Toe 

Timberland Boondock


3.) Carolina 

The Carolina brand is known for durability. However, luckily this brand also runs very wide. Some of their boots even come in extra wide sizes of 3E and 4E. If you're looking for a strong boot that comes in a wide selection different extra widths, Carolinas are a great choice. 

The Boot Guy Recommends: The Carolina Grizzly comes in both wide and extra wide sizes which is great for those with wide feet. This boot comes in steel toe, soft toe,  6" tall and 8" tall so theres a grizzly style for most everyone 

  • Built with an aggressive lug sole these boots are sturdy and long-lasting
  • Waterproof membrane 

Carolina Grizzly

The Boot Guy Recommends: The Carolina CA5520 

  • This boot is a hiker style that has a wide composite toe box
  • Comes in wide and extra wide widths
  • Waterproof boot
  • Has a molded style sole for more flexility

 Carolina CA5520

4.) Justin Boots 

Most Justin styles in general run wide in my experience. The great thing about Justin boots is that they sell a variety of pull on styles. So if you are a person who enjoys wearing pull-on boots and also has wide feet, Justin boots may be for you. They have a wide range of styles and a price range for everyone. 

We Recommend.) The Justin Command X-5 Work Boot (WK2104) is a boot I would highly recommend for those with wide feet. 

Justin Commander X-5

  • This composite toe pull-on boot is long-wearing with it's reinforced heels and excellent Vibram sole.
  • This boot runs quite wide in the width and throat; which makes it great for those who struggle to pull on boots because of a high arch. 
  • This boot is waterproof and built to last


*For a Justin boot in a lower price range also try the Justin Stampede Collection 


5.) Thorogood 

Many styles of Thorogoods come in extended width sizes. I particularly recommend the USA made Thorogood styles since they usually come in an extra wide width. If you are needing safety toe boots, many composite toe style Thorogoods will run a bit wider with a high toe cap for extra toe room if needed.

 The Boot Guy Recommends: The Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe (804-4208) is a great example of a composite toe work boot that works great for those of you with wide feet. Not only do these boots run wide and have a tall toe box, they come in wide and extra wide widths. 

  • An unlined leather boot which is great for those whose feet are sensitive to the cushion lining in most work boots or have a problem with their feet overheating 
  • Vibram Christy blown rubber wedge outsole which is durable and slip resisting
  • Made in the USA 
  • Brass hardware eyelets 
  • Extended width sizing

Thorogood Moc Toe Heritage


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Chris Peacock - November 17, 2023

I wore justin work boots with the steel toe in a EEE but up until last year Justin stopped making any boot in a EEE. So i called around to 3 other boot manufacturers and nobody makes a EEE size anymore. Only a D or EE. I bought a pair of Ariat boot and had them stretched and ive been wearing them for about 4 months now and my big toes feel like they are broke. I cant hardly walk.

Tim - September 28, 2023

All these links are broke!

Rob Ellis - March 30, 2023

I have tried the timberland and they are second to dunnam. The Dunnam come in 6e with and the is no breakin phase.

Brandon - January 13, 2023

Thorogood makes a top notch boot, but even wide moc toe was not wide enough for my toes. I really don’t have wide feet either. Keen is good, but they are heavy. Twisted X oblique toe was nice and wide, but their durability isn’t the best. Give Rocky a try next. Thorogood emperor toe looks to have room, but they don’t offer many styles with it.

ECE MAE - January 4, 2023

Thorogood Emperor Toe
Red Wing King Toe
Red Wing Tradesman
Wide Load Work Boots Australia (they have a US vendor)

These are the only choices if you need a wide toes box.

Gregory L. Barton - November 29, 2022
Hello folks, Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I sure wish the Chippewa boot company would make wider boots, 4E & 5E ST, WP, INS loggers, and traditional-style leather work boots. You are a good boot and shoe company, and everyone who knows what quality is would agree! So, I hope we see results on this matter soon and hope the Chippewa company had a successful move to Texas. Thank you
Caleb - November 8, 2022

The Carolina and thorogood are terrible for wide feet because they are not foot shaped. They have an extreme curve that is unnatural. However I cannvouch for the keen and timberland

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