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How Do I Care For My New Leather Boots?

There are a few things that are a great idea to pick up with any boot purchase. A basic water protectant and a leather conditioner. If you're going to start with anything though it should be a protectant. 


The type of protection you need for your leather boots or shoes right off the bat depends on what you're using your shoes for. And what sort of environment they might be exposed to on a day to day basis. For instance if your boots are for everyday wear, fashion or special occasions; a spray waterproofer might be the best choice. If your boots are for work or hiking and you are in wet conditions quite often you may want something more heavy duty. 

  • General Rainy Weather: For a daily wear boot that you may wear out in the rain from time to time, a light waterproofer to protect against stains and watermarks is best. Even if your boots have a waterproof membrane on the inside, its still a good idea to use one of these products to help prevent staining and protect the leather. A waterproof spray will make them more resistant to water, encouraging it to bead and roll off instead of soaking into the leather and staining or ruining it. 

M&B Water+Stain Protector is a quick, easy spray to help guard most any leathers from staining caused by water. And make your shoes more water resistant. Great for general use and most shoes, as it won't really change the color of the leather. This spray is great for

-Fashion boots

-Suede/ Nubuck shoes and boots 

-Light colored boots you don't want to change the color of 

-Dress boots for special occasions

-Boots that have a waterproof liner (this will protect the outside leather)

-A quick protectant for general use and everyday wear

m&B water+stain protector


Rain & Snow wax oil waterproofing is a heavy duty water repellant, it works great for the snow also as the name suggests. This waterproofer is safe to use on microfiber as well. 

-Great for Work boots 

-Snow boots 

-Hiking boots

-Dark leather boots 

-Boots with gore-tex, microfiber or waterproof liners

 Rain & Snow 


 Heavy duty Rain and Snow

Snow Seal is a heavy duty beeswax protectant. This doesn't have to be reapplied often and works great for most wet weather and conditions. This is an all purpose, all season leather protectant. The wax will seal and protect shoes against drying, deterioration and moisture.  

 Sno Seal



Leather is a durable material that last longer than other materials like textiles or vinyl. Like your own skin however it may need to be moisturized to prevent dryness and future cracking. A conditioner is a necessity to buy with a new pair of boots, it can even help soften the leather to help break in your new footwear. It's great thing to have on hand if you own any type of leather shoes. It keeps the leather supple and increases the longevity of the material. It can even decrease the appearance of scuffs that occur during period of wear. (Note do not use a conditioner on suede shoes unless you don't care if they loose the suede appearance).


Leather Care

Leather Care is a gentle formula that works wonderfully on most leathers. Gentle enough that its not going to change the color of even lighter colored leathers.




Chamberlain's leather care liniment soaks into leather quickly to hydrate. It smells pleasant as well



So maybe you want to know how to keep your boots or shoes looking shiny as you wear them and keeping scuffs and other signs of wear at bay. 

Suede: For suede you want to invest in a suede brush or suede renew formula. A suede brush will ensure that the knap of your suede stays looking good. Suede renew adds color back if needed.

Smooth leather: Dress shoes, fashion boots and any boot you want to keep looking shiny- polish and a nice buffing brush is what you need.



There are some products that have multiple purposes.
Mink Oil

Mink oil is a great product to help break in new boots, waterproof and condition your leather. This product does darken leather so I would recommend this more or workbooks. 

*If you are again, going to be in very wet weather or snow, Sno-Seal will be a more heavy duty protectant that works fantastically.*


Slim, The Boot Guy 

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Barry Beischer - January 17, 2023

Hi. I have recently brought some leather hiking boots, they will get muddy and wet. I have got some beeswax for them, will this be OK

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