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Best Way To Break In New Boots

What Is The Best Way To Break In New Boots?

Let us Break In your boots for you! You can have your boots custom broken in for free! Yup, at Boyers BootNShoe we are 5th generation boot cobblers. We know boots inside and out. We offer a unique new service for you new footwear. When you buy any pair of boots from us you can choose to have us pre-break in the boots for you for FREE!

We have sold and repaired Boot and shoes since 1920. Our 5 generations of experience has taught us how to make footwear comfortable. We can recognize pinch points and problems areas on footwear that makes the break in process harder. We have the tools and knowledge to ease the break in process. Here are just a few things we do:

  • Pull-on boots have a side seam that can rub your ankles. We can roll and flatten problem seams so they don't rub.
  • Some ankle height boots have a padded heel collar that can uncomfortably rub the back of your leg or heel. We use or custom made rolling machine to roll and flatten known problem areas.
  • We can stretch the throat of a boot to make it easier to pull on. We know which styles or which company's boots consistently have trouble pulling on and we can remove that problem
  • The tongue of a new boot can be difficult to break in. We often find that the tongue on Gore-Tex lined boots doesn't lay flat when laced up. We treat the area with a softening solution and then crease it to lay flat.
  • Plus, if you have a known problem area on you foot and need us to customize your boots before we ship them, we can do that! We can stretch shoes wider, stretch for bunions, hammer-toes, etc. We can address any place that commonly gives you trouble with all your footwear. Just add a note in the box in your order shopping cart about what problems you'd like us to take care of.  
  • As a bonus every pair of boots we sell are hand inspected before they are shipped to insure you get the best possible product. 
  • Watch the attached video to see more about what we do.


You can buy your boots from anybody. But Boyers is only place that gives you more comfortable boots right out of the box. It's a $15 value that we do for free. Just check the check box on your order that says "Yes, Pre-Break in my boots" and we'll go to work for you


Slim, The Boot Guy Slim, The Boot Guy 

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