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Can A Boot Cobbler Make My Boots Fit Better?


I have been wearing western boots for over 40 years. Recently I bought a pair of H&H western style work boots online ( a first for me; buying online) and have not been successful breaking them in I've tried every thing I know over a long period of time and the boots are un-wearable. There is way too much room in the vamp area which causes my heel to really lift. It's like trying to walk in flip-flops. I have tried insoles, heel pads, heavy socks and several other things with little success. The foot part of the boot fits comfortably but the heel and the vamp are just too big. Can a boot cobbler re-work these boots to get them to fit?



Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your Double H boots fitting. Double H boots tend to run a half size big. Yes there are several things you can do to make them fit better. I’ll give you three ideas:

1.) The least expensive way to tighten the instep is by adding something to the instep of the foot. Two ways you can do this. You can put in an arch cookie in the boot. It fits under your foot in the arch area. Or you can put put a felt tongue pad in the boot vamp, The area above your instep.
Either of these ideas can tighten the instep which then helps keep your foot properly sitting back in the heel. These can remove slip and are simple to try first.

Tongue Pad

 A tongue pad can tighten up loose boots and shoes

Arch Cookies can take up space as well
2.) You can tighten the heel and remove slipping by adding a thick piece of leather in the heel counter of the boot. We do this many times every day in our repair department. It works very well. The leather is thick enough that it makes the heel narrower and tightens the instep pushing the foot forward into the instep. (We call this: adding leather backs) If you can't find a local cobbler to do this you can always ship them to us. 
3.) Putting a full insole in the boot is a great option to change the fit of a boot. There are so many different kinds of insoles out there. If your boot has a traditional leather insole that isn't removable, a thin cushion insole may be best to take up some room. Or you can try one with a bit of arch to it (this will help raise your foot and take up some room in the instep. If the boot has a removable insole you will want to remove the original insole and add a thicker one. You can experiment and see what feels best, they come in varying thicknesses. 
So there are a few ways you can help solve the problem of ill fitting boots. What topic would you like to see covered next?
Slim, The Boot Guy 
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amy - February 25, 2024

Hi. My question is similar to Jennifer’s-but it looks like hers wan’t answered.
I have a pair of size 11 women’s loafers. They are amazing. But I am a size 9. Can they be altered/sole cut , leather cut etc. to make them my size, please? If not do you know how I could find someone who does this?

Slim The Boot Guy - May 22, 2023

Hello Kenny,
It isn’t possible to stretch the steel but sometimes we can push it forward a bit.

Kenny - April 19, 2023

I have a pair of boots they have a safety toe
And they fit tight in the toe area
Is there any way you guys can make them wider in the toe area or any way to make them wider

Russell Scott Ash - November 3, 2022

I want to t personally thank the lady who fixed my work boots today in one afternoon.she is the best and I appreciate her work since I use these boots every day they are very important she went well above and beyond I will never go anywhere but her to fix my stuff thanks

The Boot Guy - September 27, 2022

Hello Jennifer, I’m sorry to hear about your dad. A cobbler wouldn’t be able to relast the boots to fit you but maybe a boot make or customizer may be able to help you.

Jennifer - September 14, 2022

My dad passed away. I have a pair of his boots size 12 men’s. I wear a 7.5 female. Is there a way to remake the boots with a new sole in my size?

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