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My Boot Tops Are Too Big For My Slim Legs

Question: My boot tops are too big for my slim legs. Can you alter the boot shafts?


Hello! Thanks for the question to The Boot Guy. It is definitely possible for us to alter the boot shafts to make the tops more narrow on your calves. This is one of the more in depth repairs we do so its best to let a professional alter your boots. I will explain how we do this.

  • Step 1: First the Pull Tabs are removed from the boot 

Boot Pull

  • Step 2: We cut a V of leather out of both sides of the shaft *Note how much is cut out depends on how much tighter you want the shafts to be*
  • Step 3: The side seams are then stitched back together with a zig-zag stitch pattern


  • Step 4: The stitching is covered by a strip of leather matching the color of the boot
  • Step 5: The boot pulls are reattached in their rightful places

When we are all done it looks good as new, you'll hardly notice the small strip of matching leather we added down the sides of both boots to cover the zig zag stitching. We've had a lot of people give us positive feedback and tell us how happy they are to have boot tops that finally fit.

To send your boots to us to have your boot tops made narrower, just click the button below:

>>Start a Boot or Shoe Repair<<


In this case, its best to write down the circumference of your leg at the widest part of your calf and tell how much you’d like taken out of each side of the boot. Most often we remove one inch out of each side. But everyone is different and every boot is different.

For information on other repairs we can do click >> HERE <<  ; send me, Slim The Boot Guy a question or comment below. 



How long does this repair take?

A: Once they arrive to us, around 7-10 business days (roughly) 

How much does this repair cost?

A: In our shop as of 2023, this alteration costs about $110 per pair of boots

How do I pay?

A: Once we finish the repair we call for payment of the repair+ shipping over the phone 

What do I need to ship you a pair of boots to be taken in?

A: You can find our repair form HERE.  Fill out this online form with the circumference we mentioned up above and what you want done. Include a note in the box with your boots with your name, number and email so we can match your box up with the online form when it arrives. 

What carrier do you use for shipping?

A: They will usually be shipped back to you via USPS



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Jake Henson - October 26, 2022

How much would something like this usually cost?

Jake Henson - October 26, 2022

How much would something like this usually cost?

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