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How Can I Change The White Stitching On My Boots?

You bought a sweet pair of new handcrafted boots , but you don't like the blaring white stitching on the sole. What can you do? It's an easy fix. I'll show you just what to do.

You can use either Fiebings leather dye or Angelous Acrylic to change the color of the stitches. Now if you are are changing the stitches to black or a dark brown. you would use fiebings leather dye to dye the boot welt. If are changing the stitching to a color other than black, then use Angelous Acrylic leather paint in the color of your choice in order to paint the boot stitching.

Fiebings DyeAngelus Acrylic

  • Start by choosing what color you'd like to end up with.


  • Then you'll want to lightly clean the stitching area to clear up any dirt or dust (a damp cloth will work just fine for this )


  • Use a brush of your choice to paint the welt, we find that sometimes a flat 1/2 inch brush works best to get those hard-to-reach areas


  • Apply the paint or dye evenly to both boots and let it dry


  • Check to see if a second coat is required once dry, if so go ahead and apply another 


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White StitchingDyed Stitching

Once it fully dries you now have some boots that don't have that obvious white welt on them!  


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Slim, The Boot Guy Slim, The Boot Guy 

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Claude - March 6, 2024

Thanks for the hint with the Angelous Acrylic. That worked great to change the grey stiches on my Solovair to white or green (not light green). I used a 0.5mm syringe with pure color and then very carefull applied drop by drop to the stitches, then waited until the color is soaked into the stitch. It’s was far better to make two passes than to risk the color to flow on the sole.
Curious about the result? See here:

Kallie Albert - March 3, 2023

Hi! I have a pair of shoes similar to Doc Martens, and they’ve got that same yellows stitching around the outside, so I was looking into how to change that. This helps a lot, but I am curious, will the dye fade quickly, or at all? And how could you prevent that?

The Boot Guy - October 12, 2022

Hello Glenwood, clean as much of the cream off as you can with dawn dish soap or some shout. Then find some stitch chalk to make the stitches white once more.

Glenwood campbell - September 30, 2022

hi iv used boot cream brown .but cover my stitches. Boots where old dirty need bring back white stitches help ??

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