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  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Add Zippers Fee


    Our expert cobblers will add a zipper to your boot! This is a great way to make your boots easier to get on and off!  *Note this may affect water p...

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  • Angelus

    Angelus 5 Brush Assortment


    A perfect assortment of Brushes to use with Angelus Acrylic Leather Paints. #2 Round, #6 Flat, #10 Flat, #6 Filbert and 1/2" Angular

  • Boot Doctor

    Apache Cream B03670


    Apache cream removes deep scuffs in leather and helps to restore the original boot texture

  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Apply Tuff Toe


    We can coat your boot toes in tuff toe to make them more abrasion resistant on the toes! You can denote if you would like black or brown tuff toe i...

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