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Boyers BootnShoe

  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Tongue Pads


    Use Tongue Pads to take up extra room in your shoes or boots. Use when you can't lace up your shoes any tighter or when your heel is slipping too m...

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  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Master Quick Shine

    from $6.95

    Master Quick Shine instantly shines and brightens any smooth leather article. Just spray on shoes, boots and leather accessories for a quick, spark...

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  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Protective Sole Guard


    We can add a protective rubber sole guard over your leather sole boots to make them less slippery and longer lasting!

  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Apply Tuff Toe


      We can coat your boot toes in tuff toe to make them more wear resistant  Be aware that altered items are not returnable. 

  • Boyers BootnShoe

    Shoe Require & Protection in Brown


    Tuff toe is used by 100% of major league baseball teams its made with a super durable material and coats 1-2 shoes. Works on all shoes and boots.

  • Boyers BootnShoe

    M&B Suede & Nubuck Cleaner


    Suede and nubuck cleaner, cleans and renews all colors of suede and nubuck. Leaves the surface feeling soft and velvety. 5.6oz