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Mega Comfort Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat Insole

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Specially designed by a Podiatrist to relieve and redistribute pressure on your heel, ball and toe. These insoles are soft enough to be your own personal anti-fatigue mat throughout the day.

The Materials:

This anti- fatigue insole consists of dual- layer memory foam, covered in a heavy duty top cloth with silver ion technology. The first layer is a soft open-celled memory foam that reduces shear force and provides quick, soft comfort. The second layer consists of an ultra high-density memory foam that is molded for maximum shock absorption and ease of movement. These layers compress together with each step and rebound gently to hug your feet. The heavy duty top cloth is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and helps prevent perspiration. All the


The Heavy duty top cloth is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and works to help prevent perspiration. All this aids in reducing problematic foot odor. Near the toes of the foot there are several aeration holes to help regulate foot temperature and prevent foot odor during your day. The uniquely designed pattern across the bottom aids in redistributing the weight in the high pressure areas of your foot- the heel, ball of your foot and toes. The deep heel cup will keep your foot seated securely, the cushion is built thicker in the heel . Then Semi0 Hexagon shape increases shock absorption in your heel upon impact with each stride.


  • The MEGA Comfort Anti-Fatigue insoles are made with high quality, 100% high density memory foam. It contains no "cheap fillers" or additives.
  • These insoles are machine washable
  • Limited/no trimming necessary
  • Soft contoured arch support
  • Deep heel cup/cushion
  • Dual layer memory foam

Available Sizes:

W567: Women's size 5, 6 or 7

M67/W89: Men's size 6-7/Women's size 8-9

M89/W1011:Men's size 8-9/Women's size 10-11

M1011/W1213: Men's size 10-11/Women's size 12-13

M1213: Men's size 12-13

M1415: Men's size 14-15

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